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It's A Shame
4,040 Views, 5 Nods, 0 Comments.
On Sun, 29th Mar 15, Talisman wrote
My world is falling around me Faster than the tears The constant barrage Relentless Beat en into numb submission No silver lining in sight Only dark clouds of precipitation No more teeth for life to kick Only bleeding gums Dead inside But...

Sugar Love (a short story)
2,300 Views, 3 Nods, 0 Comments.
On Mon, 09th Mar 15, Talisman wrote
Sugar Love, was the prison sweat-heart. He'd been passed around more times than a joint at a Hendrix gig. It was a life and a situation that he'd hated, but his body had been currency and it was that that had kept him alive for so long. Or...

A Sign
1,873 Views, 1 Nod, 0 Comments.
On Thu, 19th Feb 15, Talisman wrote
This is a sign that I saw in an estate agents window as I walked into work this morning, that I thought was rather good: A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of love and dreams. I haven't a clue who wrote it, but I liked...

He Never Listens
2,081 Views, 4 Nods, 0 Comments.
On Wed, 04th Feb 15, Talisman wrote
It's like, the fiddler with a dry skin elbow Oh! The horror of it all No strings to his bow Like Robin Hood on his worst day Under a full-fat milk, cheesy moon Barking up at it with muted glee Jealous of the baker, with all his fingers Even...

Desperation Falls
2,247 Views, 5 Nods, 0 Comments.
On Wed, 12th Nov 14, Talisman wrote
Desperation Falls There she flows A waterfall of wonder Resplendent in all her glory Cast against a backdrop of rock Glistening splendour in action The waking sun adding to her majesty Every pulsating wave full of life Giving life to...

Grampa Summers Is A Gifted Ass-Whisperer
2,072 Views, 2 Nods, 0 Comments.
On Mon, 22nd Sep 14, Talisman wrote
Grampa Summers is a gifted ass-whisperer He has a proctol gift of the gab He can cure whatever ails you With a subtly muttered conflab - Try not to get down wind of him As he performs this particular feat His breath can become quite...

Granny Summers Was A Psychic Flasher
2,376 Views, 3 Nods, 4 Comments.
On Sun, 07th Sep 14, Talisman wrote
Granny Summers was a psychic flasher She'd read your palm, whilst stood in the nip If you're into the flesh of a pensioner It really is well worth the trip - She'll make a prediction about your future With one leg behind her head You'll get...

The Untold Story Of Byron & Shelley Chapter 6
2,662 Views, 6 Nods, 5 Comments.
On Sat, 07th Jun 14, Talisman wrote
Two poets are held at gun point in a barn. 'For Christ's sake Byron. I only said to ask for lodgings for the night. Not to lodge yourself in his daughter.' 'Sorry Shelley. I didn't mean to do it. It just happened.' Shelley turns abruptly, to...

So Hot!!!
2,296 Views, 2 Comments.
On Mon, 02nd Jun 14, Talisman wrote
That's it, right there on the tip Nibble the end Crank that handle Work it It's getting so hot Of course I've got a rubber I'm prepared for every eventuality I'm a problem solver, baby Have you ever seen anything as purple as that? Take...

The Untold Story Of Byron @ Shelley Chapter 4
2,294 Views, 5 Nods, 15 Comments.
On Wed, 28th May 14, Talisman wrote
A poet is grudgingly pushing his fellow poet in a wheelchair. 'Right Shelley, you waning dandelion. Get your bony posterior out of that bloody chair. It's your turn to push me.' Turning sharply in his seat, 'Push you, you fucking buffoon....

Final Thoughts...
2,288 Views, 1 Nod, 9 Comments.
On Mon, 26th May 14, Talisman wrote
The eye staring lifelessly back at me Is mine I know this to be fact As, I have seen it many times before But, no mirror now reflects its gaze The finger beside it is just one taken from me A strip of flesh to the right I can't...

What The Hell Does This All Mean ? (results from the words suggested)
2,195 Views, 8 Nods, 12 Comments.
On Thu, 22nd May 14, Talisman wrote
I am a mole, And I live in a hole Subcutaneous, I'm under the Earth's skin Where I like to dance a jig, with my kith and kin I have a twin brother, together, it's synchronicity I'm just like him, and he's just like me He believes in...

A Simple Request
2,270 Views, 13 Comments.
On Wed, 21st May 14, Talisman wrote
Every now and again I like to ask whether people can suggest random words for me to put into a piece of writing. I like doing it because it can take you all kinds of places as a writer. P.S. If you make up a word, please give its meaning....

The untold story of Byron @ Shelley Chapter 2
2,345 Views, 10 Nods, 13 Comments.
On Sat, 17th May 14, Talisman wrote
A poet skulks into a bar. 'I told you last time. You're BARRED,' the barman said, aggressively. Shelley edged a little closer to the bar. 'I come baring a gift to compensate for our previous encounters.' With that, Shelley hands over a...

just checking
2,068 Views, 4 Comments.
On Sat, 17th May 14, Talisman wrote
This is just a test to see if what I have written will appear as I want it to. As, in the past, some of my work has come out differently on the site, as it has when I copied it. This is just random rambling, just to be sure that it has definitely...

The Life Of A Rampant Rabbit (I don't apologise for workings of my mind)
2,292 Views, 10 Nods, 21 Comments.
On Fri, 16th May 14, Talisman wrote
Life as a battery sex toy Can really be a grind Sometimes an 'uphill' struggle Is what I think, you'll find - It is hardly glamorous Your owner doesn't seem to care And now, with modern shaving The rabbit rarely finds a hare - My...

The Clown In The Mirror (an autobiographical poem)
2,419 Views, 27 Nods, 20 Comments.
On Tue, 13th May 14, Talisman wrote
A barbed-wire smile Creasing blood-red lips A vacant bloodshot stare Through lived in eyes Who is this clown in the mirror? Blackened heart Caged by charcoal ribs Puss lined veins Fuelled by, God knows what? He still stares back Tossing...

Hey! Dearest Wife (another for the challenge)
2,496 Views, 5 Nods, 24 Comments.
On Sun, 11th May 14, Talisman wrote
Hey! Dearest wife Take a break from cleaning the floor I've heard some fantastic news There's a black family moving in next-door - Hey! Dearest wife No need to wash the dishes Two houses down, a couple of gays The Lord has answered all our...

The Pool Monster (for LyricalEyes's challenge)
2,363 Views, 2 Nods, 18 Comments.
On Thu, 08th May 14, Talisman wrote
'Mr Roof is dead,' she said And we all just sat and cried 'He was taken down to the icy depths.' But, Miss Upton had wickedly lied. - 'It was the pool monster,' her fateful words 'It came through the ice and got him.' We all just stared in...

Wonder Street (part 2)
2,267 Views, 5 Nods, 10 Comments.
On Tue, 06th May 14, Talisman wrote
Down the road is Christian Shortbread Who's brother grows out of the side of his head Although only tiny, he hates the way Christian fidgets More awkwardly, Christian has a phobia of midgets - No.24 is the home of Toby Lynn Who has a...

Feelings (my 1'st serious poem, back in my teens)
2,393 Views, 5 Nods, 14 Comments.
On Sun, 04th May 14, Talisman wrote
Walking out into the morning Stumbling over the devastation Depravation, scattering the street The sad faced pensioners walk With their shopping in their trolley Staring blankly down at slippered feet - Children stand screaming Their...

For Your Sexual Amusement
2,329 Views, 2 Nods, 18 Comments.
On Fri, 02nd May 14, Talisman wrote
Hands up, who's with me when I say Consensual incest must be great There's none of this awkward dating It's right there on a plate - You'd naturally love your partner Or, unnaturally, some may say If a hermaphrodite has sex with...

Lyrics (for Matthew's challenge)
2,242 Views, 5 Comments.
On Tue, 29th Apr 14, Talisman wrote
I know that this sounds pretty lame, but I still don't know how to do links on here(I'm not very computer orientated). But there are two songs that I posted on here a long time ago. They are both in my pages on page 9: Lyrics To An Out Of...

Spinster Cat-Wife, Bastard Old Twat
2,341 Views, 7 Comments.
On Sun, 27th Apr 14, Talisman wrote
My dearest sister and brother.

Wonder Street
2,412 Views, 9 Nods, 16 Comments.
On Fri, 25th Apr 14, Talisman wrote
One special girl, named Penelope Proes Had a gift for being able to touch all her toes You may think this easy, but it's actually quite neat As, young Penelope was born, without any feet - Then there was crazy old Susan Brooks Who, instead...

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