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The Untold Story Of Byron & Shelley Chapter 6
566 Views, 6 Nods, 5 Comments.
On Sat, 07th Jun 14, Talisman wrote
Two poets are held at gun point in a barn. 'For Christ's sake Byron. I only said to ask for lodgings for the night. Not to lodge yourself in his...

So Hot!!!
277 Views, 2 Comments.
On Mon, 02nd Jun 14, Talisman wrote
That's it, right there on the tip Nibble the end Crank that handle Work it It's getting so hot Of course I've got a rubber I'm prepared for...

The Untold Story Of Byron @ Shelley Chapter 4
355 Views, 5 Nods, 15 Comments.
On Wed, 28th May 14, Talisman wrote
A poet is grudgingly pushing his fellow poet in a wheelchair. 'Right Shelley, you waning dandelion. Get your bony posterior out of that bloody...

Final Thoughts...
277 Views, 1 Nod, 9 Comments.
On Mon, 26th May 14, Talisman wrote
The eye staring lifelessly back at me Is mine I know this to be fact As, I have seen it many times before But, no mirror now reflects its...

What The Hell Does This All Mean ? (results from the words suggested)
284 Views, 8 Nods, 12 Comments.
On Thu, 22nd May 14, Talisman wrote
I am a mole, And I live in a hole Subcutaneous, I'm under the Earth's skin Where I like to dance a jig, with my kith and kin I have a twin...


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